January 13, 2012

FLOR Insider: Johnson’s Design

We think it’s important to know that when you call FLOR, not only are you calling a friendly group located right here in our Chicago offices, you are talking to people who are extremely passionate about design. They genuinely care about your design needs and are determined to help make your homes, spaces and rooms the most beautiful places they can possibly be.

In our second installment of FLOR Insiders we bring you Johnson Yur, a valued member of our customer service department who provides design assistance daily and, as you’ll see, has a special talent for improving a room.

Name: Johnson

Position at FLOR: Design Assistance Rep

Hobbies : Cooking, Re-purposing Furniture, Painting, Drawing

Favorite FLOR: Manx

Describe your interior design style: I would have to say a combination of eclectic, mid century modern with a touch of vintage. I love re-purposed furniture and a room that displays tasteful artwork.

Johnson’s story…

Having recently moved into a historic high rise in Chicago, I became fascinated with the coalescence of vintage architecture in a modern, urban landscape. I felt the apartment’s interior design should portray this fusion of old and new. Through FLOR designs I was able to create a rug using old-world materials with a modern aesthetic.

Upon selecting a variety of FLOR styles, I was immediately drawn to the natural softness of the sustainable English wools in the Floresse collection. Inspired by the retro game of Tetris, I incorporate a random geometric design with half tiles in Shear Indulgence and Manx styles. The difference in pile heights brought together not only a textured rug but a multi-dimensional work of art.


My FLOR design has become a décor gem and the centerpiece of the interior space. The apartment’s traditional fireplace has been transformed, complimented by the rug’s sleek appearance and luxurious feel.

Even my cat, Roxie, seems to enjoy this new addition to our home as it has become one of her favorite places to relax.

Isn’t Johnson’s space amazing? He’s not one to brag, so we’ll do that on his behalf, those drawings above are originals from him. Simply beautiful!

Do you have any designs that you would like to share with us? If so, email us a picture at pictures@flor.com and you could possibly be featured in one of our FLOR stories (not to mention, receive 10% off your next purchase).  To see more stories like Johnson’s click here. Happy designing!






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