September 10, 2012


As you may have been aware, this past Thursday night was the grand opening of the FLOR retail store in Portland, OR.  To help celebrate, FLOR stores around the nation held their own FLOR Pattern events celebrating all things pattern.

Here in Boston, we were treated to a presentation by Jennifer Hill, a graphic and pattern designer with a distinctly delightful artistic point of view.  You can read more about her AH-MAZE-ING work on a post we featured on her HERE, and her personal website is HERE.

I, sadly, missed the grand opening soiree for the FLOR Boston store back in April, so I was really excited to finally make my way inside.  The store is so beautifully designed and truly a breath of fresh air.  The most recent FLOR styles were all in stock, prominently displayed in creative configurations.  I’ll be the first to admit that with a three year old and a ten month old at home over the summer, my creative juices have been strained…so when I tell you that I found the store revitalizing-ly inspiring, I truly mean it.

One of the features I love the most about the FLOR store is the available grids they have for laying out tiles.  FLOR has an amazing, dynamic online tool to help you configure your FLOR tiles, but nothing beats being able to mess around with them in person.  I also really loved being able to touch all of the samples in their full sizes – all displayed for easy access.

The light-filled store featured furniture/art by the talented, Debra Folz.  I stood next to this drool-worth Spiro table for a long time completely delighted by its modern take on a throwback from my childhood!

Also featured in the store were items from Debra’s 2012 studio collection featuring hand pleated chairs.

And this wool and wood score side table was absolutely stunning in person.

Not to be ignored (though a much more temporary ‘installation’) were these holy-heck-I-want-to-be-married-to-them cupcakes.  I won’t like.  I ate cupcakes for dinner and dessert that evening!

After a few minutes, the featured artist, Jennifer Hill, was introduced and spoke with us about her background in design, the history of her collection and a it of her design process.

I found myself reenergized as I listened to Jennifer speak about her passion for her work and am so inspired by her commitment to her art.

The FLOR Pattern event in Boston was such a great event and I am so glad to have finally had a chance to visit the store in person.  I encourage you to seek out your nearest FLOR store as I can guarantee you will be inspired by every thoughtful detail.

Have you visited one of the retail stores yet?



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