September 7, 2011

FLOR Story: Are You Kidding Me?

One of the amazing benefits of FLOR is the fact that it’s modular. You can literally pack up your rug (or wall-to-wall install) and take it with you. That is exactly what this customer did.  Check out how Susan re-installed Needlepoint Stripe tiles and transformed her butler’s pantry.


Dear Flor,

We recently moved into another old house (an 1832 Greek Revival).  We  brought along our Flor tiles (once two 12″ runner rugs in “Laurel  Needle Point”  from the previous home), purchased additional tiles and  reinstalled them in our butler’s pantry.

We were seriously impressed with these tiles as runner rugs (in our  previous home) since it took less than a half hour to put them  together and our English Mastiff, Hercules, could not move them when  he ran across them (he’s 175 lbs. – good tip for mastiff owners on  these rugs – these dogs move furniture, but the runners never moved).

The problem with our butler’s pantry in this “new” house is that (at  one point) it was created from half of an original 1830′s porch and  half of an 1880s addition.  This combining of structures left a large  beam running in the middle of the room’s floor where the two floors  were married, but which also created a big hump formed by a difference  in height between the floors (in addition you will also notice a step  up in another area leading to the family room).  We are experienced  DIYers  and we knew that this hump (along with other issues) was  significant enough that any other floor installation would have proved  impossible.  The previous owner solved the issue by using two  different floorings (vinyl and carpet), but I was determined to see  one flooring down to create a sense of cohesiveness to the space and  to, visually, enlarge it.

I was, however, apprehensive, about how easy or accurate cuts could be  made since I had never cut a Flor tile.  That’s where “Are you Kidding  Me?” (email title) came from.  Not only are straight cuts clean and  easy to do, but after creating paper templates for the more  complicated cuts, transferring and cutting curves and compound cuts  really proved what a beautiful product this is (which left me saying  to myself  during installation “Are you kidding me?  This flooring can  do this!”).  Both straight cuts and custom cuts were dead-on  accurate.  The flexibility and weight of the tiles hugged the floor  hump and the pattern seems to have visually camouflaged its existence  (the hump runs parallel with the numbered pantry doors and under the  grey bench, if you can believe it!).   The lines of the pattern also  seemed to have straighten the entire room (which is so not square,  anywhere).

Style wise this product provides a high-end, contemporary option in  flooring for old houses (although the needlepoint pattern nods to  historic colonial patterns.) Flor’s flexibility makes it a  problem- solver without having to go an unsightly utility product.

In conclusion, we recycled a pattern and flooring that we loved, saved  money, solved a myriad of old-house issues all at once and gave what  was once an awkward space, a fresh, contemporary, open feel.  Thank you for such an attractive, well-engineered product!

Most Sincerely,

Susan – New York

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