March 2, 2012

FLOR Story: Simple & Stylish


We love FLOR tiles!!!  They foster what seems like an endless supply of creativity and imagination on our side and because you’re always adding new designs we’ve never needed to shop any place else in the past three years .  Our modern style is important to us yet we also want to ensure that our place feels warm, functional and practical too.  We have an energetic dog and a tornado (otherwise known as a cat) that chase each other around the house from FLOR rug to FLOR rug.  So, your tiles have clocked loads of mileage over the past three years but you’d never know it by looking at them!  And, when there’s “emergency” clean-up around the house the FLOR tiles are usually involved.  Tail wags + Red wine = 911.  What we’ve found though is that what doesn’t wipe right up with a microfiber cloth and cold water goes into the kitchen sink for a hose down and then back to the floor like new.  We’ve shared this story many times with friends and family and it’s hard for them to imagine so much durability in a floor covering.  Of course, what most folks admire most about the tiles is that they’re a SIMPLE and SUPER STYLISH addition to every room in our house.  Attached is a snap of our latest creation: a modern take on Toy Poodle in Plum, Purple, Pewter and Bone.  LOVE IT!

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