January 25, 2012

FLOR Story: State Street Studios

I’m an interior designer in Michigan.  After working for larger firms for a few years, I opened up my own company Kelly Hansen Interiors in 2004.  Shortly after opening my office I learned about FLOR.  I always loved the inspiring pictures and I even requested a few samples but I was hesitant to recommend it for residential customers.  I wasn’t exactly sure how the installations would go.  Most of our customers are used to purchase wall-to-wall carpeting and having an installer put down their new carpet.

In 2009 I expanded my business and opened up a retail furnishing and flooring store in Downtown Howell called State Street Studios.  During that time the modular carpeting industry was really picking up in our commercial work.  I was hardly recommending any 12’ roll goods for commercial work anymore because the tiles had so many advantages – less waste, creating custom patterns, replacing worn areas, etc.

Finally, I just decided that all of the positive attributes of modular tile that my commercial customers were experiencing would translate well to my residential clients.  FLOR was one of the only companies I found that had a lot of residential options—like plushes, textures and fun patterns.

I always like to try out products in my own home or office before recommending to clients so I decided to purchase some FLOR tiles for our Lake Michigan cottage renovation last summer.

First, I designed it on the FLORbuilder.  It was a lot of fun. Even my 11 and 13 year old kids created patterns on the computer.  Then, we ordered our FLOR.  I ordered it over the phone and the customer service was great.  My children actually laid the FLOR tiles in the cottage for me.  It was a piece of cake.  We ordered a few extra tiles for future use if necessary.

Photo: Reverb in colors, Lime, Oatmeal and Glacier

I liked it so much at the cottage that I ordered an additional area rug display for our retail store State Street Studios.  This way we can show clients how easy it is to create a custom floor that’s easy to install and easy to maintain.

Photo: Feelin Groovy in colors Persimmon, Lime, Black & Bone

We look forward to many future projects with FLOR.

That’s my FLOR story!  (Thanks for the opportunity to let me share it)

Kelly Hansen – Interior Designer

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source: Kelly Hansen’s photos

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