June 6, 2012

FLOR Story: To The Rescue!

Dear FLOR,

So, first things first: I love your store, i love your product, I love
everything about the whole FLOR deal. Thanks for existing.

I was repainting my living room in a, how should i put it?, in a less
than subtle way. A lot of bright, bold colors (pink, orange, acid green
and aqua blue to be specific).

I loved my final results but the fabulousness of my new walls created a problem: the old rug had to go
immediately. Also, where was I going to find a rug with the rather
specific and perhaps less than mainstream color palette that I had

FLOR to the rescue!

On a rainy day I wandered into the Soho store armed with my catalogue
and a basic idea of what I wanted. Little did I know that I had only
just barely dipped my creative little toe into the possibilities that
FLOR was going to provide me with. With the help of the wonderfully
knowledgeable salesgal I was able to put together just the exact area
rug of my neon bright dreams. I didn’t know you could cut the darn
things into thirds! Quarters! In half! Turn them this way and that!

Well, suffice it to say I am a fan and am looking for new ways to
incorporate your flawless product into my life.

Thanks so much,


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