May 18, 2012


There is nothing like time spent in the water during the summer months. For many of us, owning a boat is a challenge, whether because of where we live or the logistics of such a purchase. There are of course boats which inflate and offer compact storage, but they often fall short when considering the experience on the water.

Not anymore. Foldboat is designed by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies. ”Foldboat is a seamless, hard shell, folding boat made from one single sheet of plastic. Our objective is to create an accessible flat-pack leisure boat designed for flat water environments”. The attention to detail in the design is thoughtful and considered. Not only is the material finish and color choice absolutely beautiful, but each element in this collection of parts is designed with meticulous detail.  Pillows are made from water repellant fabric and are completely sealed; the pillow doubles as a comfort feature as well as a floating device. The oars are cut from the same sheet used for the boat, and are made from the same engineering  plastic and solid ash. Want one? Inquire at Foldboat. These vessels are currently in production.


Foldboat was selected for Wallpaper’s 2012 Design Awards. “The challenge of generating a 3D volume from two-dimensional sheet material is not new, but we were charmed by the boat’s basic engineering and complete lack of artifice. Using a sheet of high-density polyethylene plastic, the designers crafted a vessel that can literally be folded away and packed into the boot of a car or simply slung over the shoulder. Components were kept to a minimum; the boat folds itself along grooves scored into the material. This makes assembly a doddle. The boat fits two relaxed, patient travellers: buoyancy is, for now at least, best suited for paddling on calm, flat waters”.


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Product source and excerpts:  Foldboat


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