July 11, 2013

Get The Look


I’m generally drawn to monochromatic living spaces, full of surprising textures rather than colors and interesting finishes rather than hues. Yet after spotting the above image, I suddenly craved a bit of fun in my own home. It’s just so… happy, dripping with candy-coated sweetness. A gal on a mission, I had to figure out how to recreate the look and began furiously searching online for pieces that might possess a bit of color-filled magic just like this living space.


Lucky for you, I was quite successful! Here are a few pieces that might inspire you to infuse a healthy jolt of color in your home. Happy shopping!:

1. Tiger print ($22.88) at RK Design.
2. Rainy day mini blanket ($90) at Donna Wilson.
3. Machinist stool ($35 to rent) at Dann Events.
4. Turquoise kitchen cart ($50) at IKEA.
5. Graphic pillows ($69) at Fine Little Day.
6. Lucy wall mirror ($369) at Sears.

Image Credit: Fjeldborg

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