January 13, 2011

Getting Something Off My Chest

We had a gorgeous, antique chest in our living room that both my husband and I loved.  It was gorgeous and old and had tons of character and was multi-functional; acting as both much needed storage and extra seating space.

So what happened to it?  Well, it got moved upstairs to our bedroom when we put up our Christmas tree this year.  And it just so happens that my dorm-room-grandma-chic-minimalist husband who would live with just a rocking chair and a bed pushed up against the wall if he had his druthers, LOVES the chest up in our bedroom at the foot of our bed.  Not one to argue the one time a year my husband actually makes a design decision that I also love, I have acquiesced and the chest is now permanently staying in the bedroom.

Of course, that means that we have a gaping need for a new chest in our living room.  As previously mentioned, it not only acts as extra seating but is instrumental in corralling the mess of toys our son has collected over the short 18 months of his life.

We did some online searching last night to look for a bench and didn't really see anything that struck our fancy…then we remembered to check out the "kid" sites for all of our old favorites: Pottery Barn Kids, RH Baby and Child, Land of Nod, etc…and while we saw a couple of options that would work great, I think we both were still holding out for the possibility of finding something with a little bit more character.


 (above – from RH Baby and Child and Pottery Barn Kids, respectively)

Ever the armchair shoppers, we checked out eBay and Craigslist to no avail…until this morning when I remembered my good friend Etsy.  WHY do I always go there last?  Just one quick search brought up so many beautiful, original options.  Like this one from Etsy seller Todd Manring.  The trunk is made from reclaimed barnwood and he will customize it with any stenciling you want.

 Also from Todd are these beautiful 22x22x22 cubes.  These would be much more versatile in the space and could potentially fit around our bay window like faux banquet seating.


Of course, there is no shortage of cedar chests on Etsy, but this one from TNGWoodcrafters is particularly pretty.


I also really liked this coffee table option from Modern Rust.  I particularly appreciate that you can use the flip up storage for items that you don't use that often, and then potentially store baskets underneath for easier access storage.


Modern Rust also makes this versatile storage bench that we could use at the foot of our bed and potentially move the original chest back downstairs.


I was so pleased (as always) to find so many great options on Etsy.  It's a little bit like having a flea market with the best hours and easiest parking ever!

What was your latest Etsy purchase?  And while I'm asking questions…am I the only one with a husband that actually cares about how the house is furnished?

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One Response to “Getting Something Off My Chest”

  1. Karen Says:
    January 13th, 2011 at 8:52 am

    OOOh great options! NEVER would have thought to look at Etsy for something like that. 
    Sadly my (future) husband cares too…though we thankfully have similar aesthetics.