August 10, 2010

Globe-al Design!

There's nothing more beautiful to me than when everyday objects get a major design overhaul. And although there's something lovely about a faded, antique globe, I've had my eye on a few more, ahem, modern versions lately:

Whether your home is colorful or monochromatic, there's a globe for everyone. Bonus? You'll look wayyy smarter than the average homeowner (especially when you dust your globe daily and can pinpoint exactly where you traveled to Peru last year).

Image Credits: [Emmo Home, 1st Stop Travel Store, Map Connection]

Image Credits: [Graham and Green, Dezeen]

Why not showcase a statement globe in an unexpected fashion? Pair one in a romantic bedroom for a touch of masculinity, or put your globe on display in your family room. After all, geography inspiration shouldn't be holed up in a library all day, right?

And with colors, patterns and modern touches like the above products, there's no need to hide your battered globe from any guest that graces your front door.

Image Credit: [Famille Summerbelle]

Of course, if you happen to be a globetrotter who prefers a good, handy map, might I direct you to the beautiful colors at The Future Mapping Company, or the lovely, intricate detailing from the maps at Famille Summerbelle? And, lastly, you can tote around your travels at MapTote (perfect for summer groceries and impromptu adventures!).

Image Credit:  [The Future Mapping Co.]

Proof that we're all neighbors in this little, big world.

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