March 24, 2011

Go Small, Go Bold?

I've been daydreaming lately about my son's big-boy room.  It needs to be able to carry him, and any siblings he might end up sharing it with someday, through at least the pre-teen years, so I'm finding myself drawn to deep, rich hues.

But while I knew it could look stunning in a nursery, just check out this amazing set up below, I wasn't sure if it would translate as too stale and old fashioned once we replaced the crib with a bed.


Fortunately, dark hues seem to be all the rage so it was easy to find some beautiful inspiration to ease my mind.  I know you've seen this picture before, but then I was showcasing the desk…NOW, I'm highlighting that delicious, deep blue on the walls.  With a lot of colorful accessories and punches of white, it definitely looks fresh.


And just check out this amazing shared room.  The dark gray is gorgeous! And those lamps!!  I GASP!!  It just proves that you don't need a lot of accessories and white trim to make a dark hue pop.

My one and only concern is that our house is small and with that comes small rooms – - will a dark color make the room seem to small?

What are your thoughts on going dark in small spaces?

(photos – 1, 2, 3)

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