August 5, 2010

Good Designs For Happy Cats – and Owners!

For years, I worried that I was a bad cat owner. As much as I wanted to provide my feline friends with a scratcher, post, or perch on which to lounge and play, I couldn't bring myself to buy one of those cumbersome, hideous pieces of furniture you usually see at pet stores. Besides, with names like Eames and Eero, my cats deserved something more modern!

Other cat people must have felt the same way, because in recent years I've been delighted by the arrival of beautiful, clever, and even eco-friendly solutions – no more drab, dowdy, carpet-covered cat trees! Several designers – and DIYers – have paired refined forms with FLOR tiles, an ingenious way to provide a scratching or sleeping surface while maintaining a streamlined look. And if Eames and Eero are any proof, cats love scratching FLOR tiles.

Below are a few of my favorite examples, including those you can buy and DIY. Let us know if you have your own pet-oriented FLOR projects to share!

Moderncritter – Minimal, elegant, and customizable, the Moderncritter bent plywood cat scratcher is made from renewable poplar and FLOR's eco-friendly Terra carpet tiles. The ability to choose from a range of recommended color combos or custom order any tile from the FLOR catalog makes this one product that's sure to please design-conscious owners as much as their cats.

DKCat – Cats can lounge, scratch, climb, and perch on DKCat's range of products made from bamboo, reclaimed wood, sisal rope, and FLOR tiles. The natural, understated materials and colors would suit modern and eco-friendly decor styles.

The Refined Feline – Possibly the most stylish cat tree the world has ever seen, the Everest provides multiple FLOR-covered levels for cats to climb and nap on. If it gets worn out or you change your color scheme, the FLOR carpet can be easily replaced.

Stairs – Cat stairs look like a natural part of the decor in this DIY project from Russell. He covered floating shelves from West Elm and Home Depot with FLOR tiles. (via Apartment Therapy)

Stairway – To complement their loft and give their cats a place to hang out, Cybelle and Davide built these stairs with FLOR tiles and shelves and brackets from the hardware store. (via Modern Cat)

Perch – Got some FLOR samples lying around? Visit the link for Heather's step-by-step photos and instructions for affixing carpet squares to an IKEA Lack shelf. Her cats definitely seem to enjoy their colorful perch!

Desk – Modern Cat blogger Kate Benjamin brought contemporary, cat-friendly style to her vet's office by covering the desk with FLOR's Lane Change tiles. Be sure to check out the link for more photos, DIY tips, and product advice.

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