October 20, 2010

Gourd is the word

During an annual trip to an Indiana orchard for apple and pumpkin picking, a barrel of gourds caught my eye.  Nubbly, bumpy and rich with fall colors, they made me smile. Surely, such a gifted fruit–odd, right? I looked it up–has more to offer the world than being a future maraca.  They do and they have.

In the spirit of the season of harvest, here's a "cornucopia" of design inspired by and made from the gourd.

Lamps sculpted from gourds deliver a soothing, warm glow.

A gourd bowl lined with velvet and decorated with beads. A lovely accent piece.

Small gourds are used as boxes, and when filled with glaspearls, double as a rhythmic  shaker.

Sweet adornments painted with bright, festive colors.

These speakers are a little unexpected, but who knew?  See how purposeful the humble gourd can be.

Next time you arrange a few gourds into a bowl as a centerpiece for your dinning room table, maybe you should give it a little rub, like Aladdin's lamp–who knows what beautiful object it will transform into next.

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