May 26, 2011

Growing Up

Well, there is some big news here in the Bradford household.  Come early November, our son is going have a sibling.  Which means only one thing – ok…it actually means A LOT of things (eep!!) but for the purposes of this post it means only one thing:

My son is going to have to give up the nursery.

Thankfully, we have another room all set to become his big boy room we just have to get around to actually doing something about all guest room furniture that is crowding up his new digs.  Of course, we’re at a bit of a standstill until we find out what we’re having in a couple of weeks because I don’t want to go designing his big-boy room until I know if he’ll be sharing it down the road with a brother…or keeping it as his own if he ends up with a sister.

Luckily, there is a TON of inspiration when it comes to ‘big kid’ rooms for not only boys but for girls as well.  Not to mention some great shared spaces!

Won’t you come join me on a little look-see?

I really love the understated-ness of this room that Michelle over at Three Men and a Lady did for her two boys. Trend alert: I especially love the big map on the wall.


This great room by Paula at Two Ellie strikes me because it seems so doable.  We don’t have room for a train table in our living room and we don’t have a play room, so if our son has trains, the table will have to go in his room and hopefully not look like a toy store.  I love how she kept everything fairly minimal so that even with the train table, it doesn’t look too jumbled. Trend alert: check out that awesome, Jenny Lind bed!


I love the femininity of the next room (hey – I can think ahead to a girl someday while I’m daydreaming…right?) by Emily over at Jones Design Company…her boys’ room is just below it and we all know how much I love, love, love bunk beds!!

I really love this shared room (I spy another Jenny Lind bed) that Holly at Holly Mathis Interiors did for her two boys…but I am not sure we’ll be able to pull off the baby and our rambunctious boy sharing a room for a while!

And, of course, this A-MAZE-ING room designed by Jessica Helgerson and featured on Design*Sponge is just the perfect blend of bright and cheery and sophisticated and simple.  And what’s that I spy..oh yeah, another Jenny Lind bed!

I’m getting more and more excited (and admittedly a bit intimidated) about the prospect of completely creating a space for our little boy.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what direction we need to head!

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