May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to share with you one of my favorite resources for special, hand drawn, hand made gifts of the heart. I learned of Egg Press years ago, while on a trip to visit family in my hometown. What I love most about their design work is it looks like something my boys and I would sit down to doodle and create. The hand drawn quality of much of their work is oh-so charming and expressive.
Please take a moment to watch this Egg Press Video which shares firsthand, their step by step process and the unique vintage presses on which they hand print their work. One at a time. Each a work of art, worthy of gift giving to our most special recipients, our Mothers.
A little about Egg Press in their own words…
Who we are: Egg Press has been designing and handcrafting letterpress greeting cards on our antique presses since 1999. Our history of pioneering the resurgence of letterpress printing as an art form has afforded us an incredible fan base whom we adore and couldn’t live without.
Egg Press studio: The Egg Press studio is located in an old warehouse building known as “the Plant” in southeast Portland, Oregon.
Egg Press products: Primarily known for our hand-made letterpress greeting card line, Egg Press also creates a daringly bold offset collection and many loveable screenprinted baby tees. See our online store for an ever-changing sampling. In addition, we design and print memorable custom wedding announcements, birth announcements and coordinating stationery.
All photography and excerpts via Egg Press.

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