May 11, 2011

Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers…

Have you picked up the Special Collector’s Edition of Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers? I was only too happy when I got mine… if you have been following my posts, you know I am a big fan of typography and all things graphic. This special edition is really a gem – and what a collection this is, from 1867 to 2011. Reading behind-the-scene stories of how the covers came to life is definitely a bonus…

1897. The very first issue of Harper’s Bazar (as it was spelled until 1929). Bazar took after the German magazine Der Bazar. This bridal cover was inspired by Empress Eugénie of France, the celebrity muse from that era.

1920 (left) and 1934 (right). Both by Erté, a regular cover illustrator for the magazine. Love the vibrant colors in both, notice an “a” was added!

1940. Watercolour by Marcel Vertés. The movement in his strokes is just beautiful.

1945. Celebrating the end of World World II. Particularly like this one not only because of its simple message, but also how bold it was for a fashion and lifestyle magazine to make such a poignant statement.

1950. Both by photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Her use of lines and shapes is spot-on. Did you know she shot 86 Bazaar covers?

1957. Richard Avedon… He was only 21 when he became the staff photographer at Bazaar. 21. This is one of my favorite covers thus far.

1959 (left). The very first cover by Henry Wolf and Richard Avedon – a type driven cover in the style of theatre sign letters, love! 1958 (right). Photography by Richard Avedon.

1992. So here we are, to the 90s. I have been in love with this cover for as long as I can remember. Not only because of Linda Evangelista, but also because of Liz Tilberis (editor in chief) and Fabien Baron (creative director). In my mind, those were the best years of editorial design. I mean, just look at the falling “A”. Knowing the history of the name, it means even more. Photography by Patrick Demarchelier.

{ all images scanned from Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers, Spring 2011 }

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