December 13, 2010

Holiday Decor – Simply Speaking

I unpacked the Christmas decorations the other day and realized something.  I don't like my Christmas Decorations.  They are a hodge-podge of things, some of which dating back to my college days, and nothing matches and there is no theme and they all veer towards the 'country' aesthetic…which would be great…if I lived in the country.

I see pictures like the one below from Wisteria and dream of someday having Christmas decor that is cohesive and delightful every year…a decor that I can add to as the years go on and be proud of.

But, as you area all aware, just tossing everything away and starting new is impractical, expensive and not very environmentally responsible.  So I have turned my eye toward little details I can incorporate that are easy and cost efficient.

I just love how simple and fresh this idea is from digsdigs.  All it takes is some shrapnel from the tree, a few modern champagne flutes and some votives…even better, if you grouped them in a circle, you could have a fun take on an Advent Wreath.  Genius!!


I'll have to wait about twenty years before I can incorporate this design into my home…glass jars and fire and babies and kitties do. not. mix.  But boy, if you're kid and kitty free, this cluster of candles with their red coral accents, also found over at digsdigs, is such a pretty, simple holiday decor idea.


Paper-Source always has some beautiful ideas that have big, pretty impact but don't break the budget.  This pretty wreath is sold as a kit from their site…but you could easily make the pieces on your own.


Of course, possibly the best idea on the planet for inexpensive holiday decor is to rely on others to deliver it to your doorstep.  Yup, I'm talking about the pile of Christmas Cards that have shown up in the last couple of weeks.  I usually just display them all on top of our piano, but I LOVE this idea from Better Homes and Gardens of taking branches and displaying the cards as a centerpiece.


Better Homes and Gardens has a bazillion ideas of what to to display holiday cards, but I wanted to add this one to my list here since I love the structure of the ribbon they used.


So I guess this means I am giving myself permission to re-gift the Snowman that hangs from the painted sign that I usually hang on my kitchen doorknob and start investing in some holiday decor for our future celebrations.

Where are you in your decoration life…are you just starting out? Or have you begun to amass some quality pieces?

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