December 13, 2010

Holiday dress-up…

Been thinking a lot about the holidays lately… wondering how I should dress up our place since we won't be heading home for the holidays this year (letting out a long sigh as I'm writing this). Do you reinvent the look every year or do you like to stick with traditional decor? My parents always try to add a little something special every year to the decorations, they are great with surprises. They would let me walk into the house and give me a minute to survey the rooms until I notice what is new. It's a fun game that we play, silly I know, but that's what holidays are about right? I have a feeling that I would be dying for a white Christmas this year. With no fluffy snow to look at or to play in, and sledding would have to wait until next year. But to lift my spirits up, I found a few inspirations that I thought I might give it a go! Lots of white with sprinkles of bright colors…  So how would you be dressing up your home for the holidays?

…. I especially love this idea of using take-out containers as part of the centerpiece. For tea lights? presents? flowers?

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