December 14, 2010

Holiday Extravaganza: My Favorite Creative Trees

Sure, there's nothing wrong with a super traditional red, white and green-all-over tree, but us crafty and creative folk sometimes always love to bend the rules. Introducing: my 7 favorite creative holiday trees for the season!:

1. Have a few spare cupcake liners lying around? Of course you do! Get to work a la Sweet Paul style.
2. Gather your kids for a nature walk, create some patterns and get crafty with a painted rock tree.
3. Turn the average Charlie Brown tree into a chic and glamorous statement with candlesticks and metallic dressings.

4. Crafty gal Dottie Angel wins cutest tree of the year award. Swoon!
5. Genius! A bookshelf tree? I'll take two.

6. If you've got some time and a steady hand, why not tackle this paper tree? Add glitter, glue and you've got quite a pretty accent on your hands!
7. Of course, the easiest option could always be a fabric tree. Perfect for a mess-free kid's room!

Any I missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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