August 14, 2013

House Tour: A 400-sq ft Apartment in Brooklyn

As a longtime small space dweller, not only have a learned tons of tips and tricks but I have a very special appreciation for other small space lovers who rock their homes. One of my new faves – this 400 square foot apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from the fantastic use of space, I love the overall look and style. There’s a Scandinavian vibe (one of my personal faves) and a unique use of space. While I am loving the layout and the kitchen island (how neat is that?!), my favorite part of this small space is….




 …the bedroom! The homeowner literally built a room of slated wood to create a closed in/room for the bed. By thoughtfully using the space, the own made the footboard one of the wall structures. With the addition of framed artwork and a console, this faux room totally rocks. Plus I love the integration of wood as a texture and color tone – fab! What do you think of this small space and DIY room?


(Images via House Beautiful)



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