September 19, 2012

House Tour: Low Profile Getaway

You might recognize this house from our recent FLOR catalog. This home away from home is about 100 miles west of Chicago, nestled into a community that still holds nature high on its list when it comes to its surroundings; which is fine by its occupants.

Richie and Diane Pascal were eager to find that perfect getaway where they could integrate themselves into their rural environment. But true to their nature, they brought with them a little bit of that urban feel that they just couldn’t leave behind.

Take a tour, and you’ll quickly see why we couldn’t wait to adorn the pages of our catalog with this beautiful, unique home.

Notice the single red tile; that’s a staple of our scouting photography – a practice our photographer uses when first visiting a home so we can determine the size and scope of the rug that will eventually accompany the photo. And he notes that without fail this tile becomes the resting place for any cats or dogs in the home immediately upon it being set down.

So that’s how the process begins, a simple walk through and some photos. That’s also when the fun begins, as our designers start salivating over what rugs they can create for which rooms, taking into account color, textures in the room and overall ambiance. And then… the final reveal – the images from our Fall 2012 catalog.


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