March 20, 2012

How to Clean, Replace or Refresh your FLOR Design

Many of you may have questions about caring for and cleaning your FLOR squares.  People often don’t believe us when we say that you can rinse away spills in the sink and lay your FLOR tile back in place.  We’re here to show you just that.

In this video, our friend, Katie, shows you how easily a chocolate stain is to wash off in the sink using mild detergent and your fingertips.  She goes on to demonstrate how you can even replace or refresh your FLOR design by removing a few squares and laying down a new style to create a brand, new look.

The versatility and flexibility that comes with owning FLOR squares is beyond compare.  You really can clean, replace or refresh a FLOR design, which means your investment lives on and grow and change with you – something conventional rugs or carpeting simply can’t deliver.

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