October 4, 2011

How To Decorate A Large Space

As highly desired as large spaces are, they’re often some of the hardest rooms to decorate. Don’t we all have a den, basement or great room that never feels quite right? Fortunately, many large spaces can be transformed by following a few easy guidelines:

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1. Remember Scale.
Nothing can make a large space feel more out of place than tiny furnishings. From art to furniture, be sure the scale matches the setting. If your ceilings are high, for instance, wingback chairs might be more appropriate than a low chaise lounge.

2. Multiply.
Designate multiple seating areas throughout the room to maximize conversation and fill empty spaces. Remember to “float” furniture rather than push it against walls – this helps any room feel worlds cozier!

3. Provide Weight.
Try a giant area rug to balance the space and designate each separate seating arrangement. Because extra large area rugs can be pricey, try attaching two large area rugs together for one giant textile!

4. Accessorize.
Don’t be afraid to add end tables, ottomans, floor lamps, throws and credenzas that will keep the room from looking too sparse. After all, design is in the details!

What about you? Any tips for making the most of a supersized space? Share them in the comments below!

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