November 5, 2012

How To Decorate With Antiques in a Modern Space

As a lover of flea markets and vintage finds, I am constantly coming across awesome antiques. Although these design goodies look great to me, I often pick up the item, admire it and then question “Where would I put this in my more modern home?” Have you gone through this exercise too? Thankfully, there are antique experts out there that can help answer questions such as this, like Toma Hawkes Haines, The Antiques Diva. Check out her answer below for decorating a modern home with antiques.

In her eyes, mixing two completely different styles makes a space “have chemistry”. So if you have a modern piece with vey clean lines, mix it up with a vintage painting or light fixture with rich, dark tones. She rocks one rule when decorating modern spaces with antiques – “The Antiques Diva® & Co rule of design is that every room should have one piece that has history, tells a story from the past, whether it’s a piece passed down through your family, or a piece you picked up while vacationing in Paris.” Love this idea! It’s not only a great way to create a neat design moment but you are integrating personal style and memories right into your design scheme.

Toma continues to talk more about decorating with antiques – especially for novices – so click here to enjoy her full interview over at Freshhome.

Do you decorate with antiques in your modern space? Share your fave tips with us.

(Image via Freshhome)

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