August 7, 2013

How To: Mix Color and Texture

When talking to friends about their homes, most of them share their question about mixing colors and mixing textures. I definitely get their concern because it often seems confusing, overwhelming and simply challenging. But don’t worry – there are some awesome tips and suggestions for accomplishing a color mix.

mix colors


1) Colors that face each other on the opposite side of the color wheel are complements of each other. Red and Green? Yes! Did you know that these colors and their sister-hues totally work in a space. Check out complementary colors to consider making over your rooms with.

2) Create a neutral foundation (perhaps white walls and floor accent) and then layer your color style through your furniture and accents.

3) Rock textures of similar sizes. What may feel contrasting as a pattern or a texture can totally work if the scale of the patter/textures are the same.


(Image via Home Adore)

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