July 24, 2013

How To Rock That Unused Corner

We all have it – that corner in a room that makes even the most design-savvy person overwhelmed with how to use it. Certainly you don’t have to “use” every single inch in your home but these corners can really shine when styled correctly. Here are a few simple ideas for creating dimension, style and design in all parts of your rooms.


1) A wall gallery. Yes, one of my fave things in the home. Creating a curated gallery that lives specifically in this corner can be just enough of a touch to add style to this underused area. Plus it will allow your eyes to continue moving through the room.

2) A single yet amazing chair. Take the idea of a “nook” and make your own by placing a fab and comfy chair on an angle in that corner. Like the photo above, pulling the art gallery colors, consider a pillow or a throw that compliments the palate.

3) A floor lamp. Whether you use this corner for an actual nook or not, placing a stylish floor lamp in the corner is a great way to add balance, style and light – yes!

(Image credit here)

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