August 14, 2012

How to rock the neutral palette in your home


Isn’t the townhouse of actress, Keri Russell, gorgeous? This elegant home was featured in an issue of Elle Decor from last year and I digitally bookmarked.  From the clean lines of the architecture to the design style to the overall aesthetic, this space is the perfect mix of stylized moments and effortless ease.  What I love most about this home is the neutral palette – done right. A lot of people love this style but can feel overwhelmed with creating one that is elegant yet completely comfortable to live in. Here are a few tips for creating a neutral space.

Tip 01. Pick your neutral color and then pick at least 3 shades.  White is a popular neutral tone but don’t forget about gray, blue, or brown. Pick you fave neutral color and then go for a medium and then a dark shade of that color. Use these shades as the base for the main furniture and decor in your home.

Tip 02. Using your shades, layer pieces in your space.  Yes! If you paint your walls white, consider a cream rug and an off-white couch.By keeping the items in your neutral colorwheel, you are creating interest and dimension.

Tip 03. Use texture and materials. Add in pieces with their own design already there. I love Flor’s Roadside Attraction in Haze because of the very cool pattern. This is an easy way to get an extra design element when creating your neutral look.

Tip 04. Rock metallic accents. An awesome way to add elegance to a neutral space is to include decor with gilded edges. Consider using a gold pendant, a bowl with a silver edge or silver picture frames.

Tip 05. Embrace wood. Furniture with wooden legs, a wood side table (pictured above) or a rustic table – all of these ideas are perfect for adding elegance and edge to rock a neutral palette.


Do you rock a neutral palette in your home? Share the elements and style of your design with us.


{Images via Elle Decor}


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