August 10, 2012

I Want To Work Here – A Peek Inside Aerin Lauder’s NYC Office


Don’t you love taking a peek inside a gorgeous space? A chance to be inspired while picking up a few design ideas along the way. Enjoy the well-designed and chic New York headquarters of Aerin Lauder’s home and fashion brand, Aerin, recently featured in Architectural Digest. My oh my does this space exude glamour. elegance. style. And if you are like me, you would happily work here.

The overall decor and design is beautiful but what cements this space as *drool-worthy* are the simple yet tasteful details and mini-vignettes that add dimension and personality to the space. Inspired by childhood visits with her grandparents in Miami, Aerin was turned on to color and *feeling* great around palettes. This inspiration certainly has filled her office space. There are many moments in here that work – here are three of my favorite ones that you can interpret in your own home.

1. Making “many” decor and momentos work. I love how the credenza in the first image is full (yes, full) of fabulous items. So how does this feel organized rather than cluttered? Height and symmetry. If you notice, the lamp on the left and the larger collage leaning on the right loosely adds balance. The accessories and art are placed in various height to add harmony and comfort. If you have a lot of goodies that you want to display and share at your home, use height and symmetry to balance.

2) Showcase your artwork using this super easy tip – a framed white matte. Aerin’s office has a few large floral images throughout the space. What makes them pop and shine – the negative space around the art.

3) All spaces benefit from a little reflection – mirrors or metallic decor and furniture. Aerin’s distressed mirrored office desk is a fantastic element and great example of how to add this style in your own space.

What design elements do you see in this pretty space that you would like to try in your own home?


[All images via Architectural Digest]

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