October 15, 2010

IKEA’s New Baking Book

I have a funny feeling that IKEA is attempting to take over the world. First, well-designed and incredibly well-priced home furnishings, and now they’re chartering publishing territory? Say it ain’t so?

Friends, it is so so. And with beautiful photography and styling (from Evelina Bratell, no less!), it is also so incredibly desirable. And free! If you live in Sweden. If you don’t, I suppose you can live vicariously through the lovely photos online. Have you ever seen a row of ingredients look quite as beautiful as these?:

A: What are these the ingredients for?

Titled ‘Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best)’, IKEA’s new book (available in the kitchen section of Sweden’s IKEA stores) is a must for food and design lovers of all ages. And just to introduce the book in a fun manner, Grub Street New York has a guessing game going on. I failed miserably, because I don’t bake, but then again, all the more reason to take an impromptu trip to Sweden, yes?

Thanks, IKEA, for making baking pretty. Also, please make Homemade is Best available to us poor souls in the states. And maybe a sample of your shortbread cookies. Thank you and good night!

Image Credit: Carl Kleiner, Ikea

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