May 16, 2011

Ilse Crawford

The work of Ilse Crawford is thoughtful, and creates an emotional connection to the designed environment. As London based brand consultant and principal of Studioilse, these spaces resonate because they are experiential and meaningful hand built brands. Design should be deliberate, and evoke a reaction. Each of these spaces speak to the identity of the user. This philosophy is applied regardless of project type, residentially and commercially.

Dinder House is a historic Georgian building, nestled on 23 acres in Somerset, England. It has been restored to a family home, successfully respecting the grandeur of the architecture while interjecting elements of modern family life with playfulness, and appropriateness. I appreciate the fresh look at space use as expected elements have been redefined and repurposed; the kitchen was the original ballroom, and the children’s play spaces are located in the heart of the home.

The divergence of the modern aesthetic and the architecture of the home built in 1801 works because of the simplicity and sparse application of furnishings. These pieces are introduced only when a function dictates their presence. Although these elements are present to bring a spirt of individuality and fun, they are not included for decorations sake. This fundamental approach allows the classic surround to live and breathe, in contrast rather than competition, to the new elements provided for living.

Personally, I love the color palette used throughout the home. High contrast, color carefully placed for focus, and elaborate and detailed furniture, as in the lovely bedroom, evoke a sense of drama while maintaining a true feeling of down to earth livability, for children and family life.


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One Response to “Ilse Crawford”

  1. agnes szucs Says:
    May 16th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    What a place!
    I absolutely adore the floral walls.