November 11, 2013

Industrial Facility


Quick – what’s the most boring beauty appliance you use in the morning?  Ok – there’s not that many, and honestly, they all could use a design revamp. Luckily, the designers at Industrial Facility have done just that and no longer will be forced to make the decision of whether to keep the hair dryer on the counter, thus mucking up the lovely view, or stash it someplace hidden only to become a tangled couple with the curling iron and that weird, hybrid water-pick/straightening system someone gifted you for Christmas in 2004.

Their reinterpretation solves both the aesthetic problem AND the tangled cord issue in a stylish yet practical revamp that is sure to please.

hair dryer 01hair-dryer-03

Even the one-note door stop has gotten the makeover treatment and with wonderful results. Simple, beautiful design?  Check!   Multi-functioning?  Check!





One of my favorite reimagined products they have lent their design prowess too is the ubiquitous paper cup.  By creating a cup that allows one to see the contents, they have elevated what is a practical and sustainable design to one of delight, amusement and sophistication.



Rounding out the product designs that most inspired me were these beautiful nesting bowls.  In the space of one dish, you can store up to five – it is the perfect solution for design conscious city dwellers the world around.


The website is truly inspirational and I encourage you to check them out further.  Whether is is the industrial or the really mundane (office cubicle anyone?), Industrial Facility has successfully treated each with a design point-of-view that will change the way you think about all of your household items.


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