April 20, 2012

Infuse some fun…

Modern interiors offer the opportunity to express form and color in dynamic and unexpected ways. This New York City home does just that. The way we design our living spaces, impacts our behavior. Take this engaging layout above. Wouldn’t you just love to load up this space with friends? The form demands our focus not only in the room, but on those gathered. Building a sense of community, there’s no way to be a wallflower at this party!

This beautiful home is filled with design classics ranging from Mies van der Rohe, to Cherner. Yet, this space is anything but expected. Combinations of old and new as well as a neutral backdrop of exquisite detail and restraint, make it fresh and oh-so inviting. Did you notice the elegant and perfectly proportioned custom stair railing?  It defines the space and provides structure to the room, emphasizing the connection between floors, and functions.

Images sourced at designer’s website.


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