September 28, 2010

Inspired by… Fashion!

A few weeks ago, New York City was all abuzz with Fashion Week shows, outfits and wardrobe malfunctions. I was lucky enough to jet-set over to attend a few events myself and was astounded by the talent displayed by one of my favorite designers: Jason Wu. Full of quirky patterns and unexpected ensembles, the show was indeed a platform for greater things: decor!

Below, I've paired a few of my favorite outfits with some complementary rooms. Proof that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere!

[Images: and Lucyina Moodie]

Above, mustard and navy make for a lovely fall pairing and when accented with bright blue, the aesthetic sings.

[Images: and ArhZine]

By piecing together black florals and sheer patterned fabrics, the result is chic, layered and sophisticated.

[Images: and FLOR]

Want a bolder look? Pair our very own FLOR tiles with dark pink florals for a vibrant room that's sure to earn you major cool points.

[Images: and ArhZine]

A sequined tank and a motif of teacups are extraordinarily complementary when paired with black accents. Why not channel this inspirational look and vow to take your decor less seriously?

Now that's what I call fashion forward decor. Happy styling!

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