October 29, 2010

Inspired Spaces: Etsy Headquarters

Sure, corporate design is much different from interior and home design, but these snapshots of Etsy's Headquarters (via Apartment Therapy) are channeling a serious love for patterns, colors and total texture.

I actually had the chance to visit Etsy Headquarters in Dumbo, NY this summer and was endlessly amazed at how kooky it all was, yet somehow — everything fit!

With giant orange lamps, mismatched doors (love that London phonebooth!) and cardboard animal sculptures, it's hard to find a literal interpretation to utilize in your own home. But I think we're missing the bigger picture —  the idea behind it all. That idea? You can do whatever you want. With design, home and decor, there are no rules. If you love your space, then it works. (And of course, a giant owl helps, too.)

And that, friends, is why Etsy's headquarters is my new inspiration for all things home decor-related. Giant orange lamps? No problem! I'll take three. Ping-pong tables in the dining room? Absolutely. Why not?

Thanks for the wake-up call, Etsy!

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