March 1, 2009

Interior Design Tips – The Zen of Floor Design

During stressful times, every person needs a place to go for rejuvenation: an environment that restores inner peace and inoculates us against the pressures of everyday life.  Some escape to spas or retreats; others have favorite activities that bring them tranquility.  In Japan, people turn to their garden for peace of mind.  Interior design that harmoniously combines space, light and function can bring that serenity of a Japanese garden to your home.

How do you bring those Zen-like principles into your home?  You’d be surprised just how easy it can be with a few simple changes:

  • You have everything you need, and not much more.  No clutter, no waste, no excess.  Every stick of furniture, every piece of art, every interior design element has a purpose.
  • Windows invite the light of both the sun and the moon, and lighting fixtures are subtle and aesthetic – part of the natural landscape of your home.
  • Space is plentiful, no matter how limited the square footage.  Placement of furniture opens rooms and surfaces are clear – with the exception of a few eye-catching elements that enhance the peaceful ambiance.
  • Colors are in harmony with the earth’s natural tones:  the greens of loden, sage and moss; the pale blues of a clear sky; the grays, browns and beiges of trees, rocks and soil – with just a few fresh flowers to bring a splash of the rich shades of the earth’s natural minerals.

Where to start?  Like in the garden, start from the ground up. The right color, texture of pattern on your floors can evoke a babbling brook or a raked sand garden or even the richness of greenery or the glow of the moon.  

Zen interior can make you feel like a king or a queen, with all the pampering and none of the headaches.  If you’re looking for inner peace, start with the interior design of your home.  Choose the flooring and build from there.

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