October 5, 2010

It’s a Color-Filled World

Sometimes I like to write long, inspired posts that dissect the meaning of life and decor’s role in our daily routines. Yet other times? Other times I just want to look at something pretty. And today, my friends, on a cloudy Midwestern afternoon, is one of those days.

Let’s inject some color into our world, yes? Come along!

[Images: Polli, Garden House Decor, The Cake Inspirer, See Jane Work, Huset, Billet]

Whether infused in your kitchen, office or living space, color is an easy way to breathe life into a space (especially when preparing for the winter doldrums!). And to ensure the look is lively and not overwhelming, obey just a few simple color rules:

1. Stick to a complementary palette. Sure, it’s fine to mix oranges, pinks and yellows, but try and use three color families or less in each room. After all, no one likes a room that looks like a Skittles factory.
2. Play with pattern. Solids are fun, but patterns have a way of making any room look ten times cooler. For a look that looks authentic and not overly “styled,” feel free to mix up patterns, textures and shades of color.
3. Have fun! Choose hues that make you happy and ditch the current color trends. Because hey, it’s your home, not ours.

Happy coloring!

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