March 31, 2011

It’s Baaaaaaack!!

Way back when we were researching cribs for my now 20 month old, we were specifically looking for a two toned, non drop-side crib that would withstand the antics of up to three kids.  We found the perfect, perfect crib at Pottery Barn and apparently were lucky to snag one because shortly after ordering ours they discontinued the line. Above is the Skylar crib in our nursery about a month before our son was born.  See how beautiful it is?! (side note – see how awesome sauce those FLOR tiles are?!!)  I will never ever doubt our decision to purchase this crib even though it was a pretty good chunk of change.  First, I can tell you that in 20 months, our son has done everything in his power to destroy this crib, and it still looks as good and functions as well as the day they assembled it for us in his room.  Second, we have a small house and we can use all the storage we can get.  Having the drawers at the bottom of this crib has been a great way to store everything from extra bed linens to toys (now that he's big enough to explore the drawers). The crib is sturdy and stylish and… …apparently available yet again through Pottery Barn Kids!  Now, normally I don't hawk other people's wares here on this ole' bloggity blog…but I originally wrote about our crib on my personal blog when we first got it and it is the number one driver of search traffic for my blog so clearly people have been looking for it – thus, consider this a public service announcement. If you're looking for a beautiful, multi-functional, two-toned crib, non drop-side crib; look no further.

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