December 20, 2012

Just for Fun: Fantasy Floorplans

brandi roberts

Blueprint-inspired art and TV shows together as one? Artist Brandi Roberts designs fantasy floor plans recreated after fan-favorite television series that have aired over the past seven decades. Think I Love Lucy, Friends, Mad Men and even The Simpsons. Painstakingly accurate and inventive, each blueprint is sure to delight the TV-obsessed architect in your life. What a fantastic gift idea!

Tell me, what is your favorite TV house? I loved The Cosby Show’s brownstone growing up, as I lived on a ranch and always dreamed of taking my ubiquitous prom photo on that perfect white staircase. And isn’t it¬†fascinating to see how family homes have grown and changed throughout history?

Image Credit: Brandi Roberts

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2 Responses to “Just for Fun: Fantasy Floorplans”

  1. Mark Wood Says:
    December 27th, 2012 at 11:44 am

    I have one that makes the Bewitched House at 1164 Morning Glory Circle VERY buildable… we were planning it as a museum/B&B for Salem MA but our funding fell thru in this economy… it’s a shame… we have a huge collection of Bewitched and star related items to house in it!

  2. Felicity Justise Says:
    December 31st, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    I was typing in the word star shaped rug because I need one for my daughter Natalie and Lizzie’s room for Natalie who is 8 and loves fashion and shine and dream and those kinds of themes. So, well I typed in star shaped rug because we were planning on getting it for her room for her eight birthday. She loves the inspiration of the word shine and well stars, they shine so I came on this website and when I typed in star shaped rug, up came a bunch of blue and green rugs. We found what we needed on another website but it was such a shame that this website really let us down. I think that you should do something about that but I also think more people should come to this website. You guys are great!