April 2, 2013

Kilim Inspiration: Two Rugs That Make One

Are you crazy about the kilim craze like me? I love this material. Kilim is of Turkish origin and is made by interweaving the variously colored wefts and warps, thus creating what is known as a flatweave. The result is a completely colorful and cool product. What’s neat about kilim is that the use of it is just like any fabric. Many people use kilim to make pillows, covers chairs and, of course, rugs. I also love…


…how this colorful material can add definition and impact to a space. Check out these interiors. The colorful kilim plays off of a more industrial space. This editorial company’s new look bumps up the design factor with the addition of kilim throughout the space. The rugs add a wonderful warmth to the industrial vibe. Do you use kilim in your home? 

(Image via Jessica Helgerson Design)

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