February 23, 2011

La Ricarda…

A Catalonian house designed by Antonio Bonet Castellana. Discovered this beautiful home while flipping through the latest catalogue pages of TOAST. Built between 1953 and 1963, this architectural gem is tucked away in a pine forest outside of Barcelona. Castellana worked closely with the owners, Ricardo Gomis and his wife Inés Bertrand Mata to making this into a family home. With vaulted roofs that look like rolling waves, it's really an oasis all on its own. Not to mention the gorgeous light that streams through these glass panels…

… an opening spread from the catalogue. Now you understand why I had to find out more about this place!

…  loving this color scheme – feels right at home, doesn't it?

… another shot from the catalogue. Notice how one side of the shelves is in wood, and the other in white. Oddly attracted to this combination, somehow it feels kind of perfect.

Below are stills from an interview with the Gomis children, who are now the owners and protectors of this home. Worth a visit if you would like to hear more about the history behind La Ricarda.

… the little "telephone booth" at the end of this stained glass hallway is brilliant. And what a vision it creates at night, looking in.

{ images: top, 1 – 3 from TOAST Early Spring 2011 catalogue / all others, stills from a film by Nick Seaton }

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