May 18, 2011

Labor of love in Todos Santos…

The first time I saw images of this amazing* house was on my little phone, at a bar, under dim lights. Really, my friend Laure Joliet showed them to me on her blog and I literally gasped out loud. If there was ever a picture documenting my expression, it would have been priceless. I was immediately smitten by the first picture, and forget about scrolling down! I knew straightaway that I HAD to share this gem with you. Located in the coastal desert oasis of Todos Santos, Mexico, it’s a house that Laure’s dad has been working on with Los Angeles based architect Hervé Daridan for over two years. I absolutely love how open it is. And that brick orange color with the concrete is quite a pair, aren’t they? I could sit there all day, feel the breeze on my face… Laure captured the house so beautifully, you can really see the personality of the house shining through. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m secretly hoping that it will one day be available for rent – even for a long weekend. I will be the first one on the list! It’s minimal, and that fits me just fine!

{ photography by Laure Joliet }

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