March 12, 2013

Ladder’s up

Using ladders in home decor is nothing new.  The concept has followed every trend from the ivy laden ’80′s to the crackle painted ’90′s, to the big and bigger ’00′s.   Lately I have been reminded of the reason why the ladder has remained such a versatile addition to any decor.  Basically, anything that can add texture and scale to a room while providing vertical storage options is a game winner.  Not to mention the fact that the basic ladder has been around for centuries – who knows, maybe the Ancient Pueblo People appreciated the ladder’s form as well as its function. Just check out these lovely examples:

Tracey of French Larkspur added this gorgeous, vintage ladder her studio space and has the privilege of using it as inspiration every day (along with those divine garage doors!)

And this bathroom designed by Smith & Vansant Architects shows just how versatile the ladder can be.  In a space with minimal usable walls, the ladder adds great storage and height, without blocking the lovely view.

Lastly, I really love this alternative to the vertical display that Krista of Dandelion Express installed in her living room.  BONUS: an awesome tutorial is included if you follow the link!

I, myself, have never had a ladder as decor in my home which is just silly. Considering the ’10′s have everything from Scandinavian minimalism to bold graphic punches, the ladder still has no place to go from here but up.  (Ba.dum.dum)

Have you ever used a ladder in your home decor?

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