June 21, 2012

Let’s go Theme-y

So here’s the deal.  Lately the trend in children’s rooms is to go with a classic style.  A fresh look.  A minimalist approach.  But that is NOT what this post is about.  Instead, this post is here to celebrate all things themed.  I’ve found some amazing boy’s room inspiration photos where each room has meticulously been themed right down to the custom made beds.  So come join me on an adventure in themed boy rooms:

First up, this incredible Lego inspired room created for a 5 year old boy.  Each wall has a different scene painted ‘behind’ opened lego walls.  I love how the color block bedspread fits the space perfectly without carrying the theme too far.

I am swooning over this amazing outer space room.  The space shuttle, bunk bed is the show stopper, but that striking full-wall mural of the planet and moons makes the whole space.

Fire truck beds are a pretty popular theme for boy rooms, but what makes this room so special is the use of the closet as a fire station!  What a creative way to use a space that for most little kids (especially boys) can usually be underutilized.

Everything from the trough toy chest to the faux barbed wire and canvas drapes to the shag green ‘grass’ carpet in this farm inspired room is super cute – but how awesome is the floor bed hiding away in the barn?!

Every body’s surfin’ now!  A full wall mural of the beach makes a big impact – but the tiki roofed closet and faux greenery is inspired in this pirate/beach themed room.

Lastly, while there are a plethora of car beds on the market, this custom made, old fashioned truck bed is truly a special showstopper in this room aptly named, Keep on Truckin’.

So…with all of these fantastic ideas for full-on themed rooms, do you think you’d go themed or un-themed in a kids room?

PS – I highly recommend clicking the links to each of these rooms because the remaining details not shown here are all just as awesome!

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