August 16, 2012

Like Clockwork

The other day I was perusing through the latest Land of Nod catalogue and I was stopped in my tracks.  Not necessarily by this bright, graphic bedding set, but rather by the super-fun clock display along the wall.  I immediately dog eared the catalog for future reference, with every intention of sharing it with you fine friends, and thank goodness I did because the photos online of the same bedding cut out most of this amazing wall art.

Then, low and behold, what should appear in my reader but this fun Instagram clock project (including detailed tutorial) featured on, wouldn’t you know, Land of Nod’s blog, Honest to Nod.

Both projects look relatively easy and have maximum appeal.  In the first, I love that the effect can be created by utilizing an already existing clock.  The second project is particularly awesome because it is specific to the author’s son and his daily activities.

Either way, they are both wonderful, graphic examples of successfully using your photographs and memorabilia in a meaningful way through design.

Which clock would work best in your home?

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