January 10, 2013

Lori Danelle – Paper Cut Artist

I love when I come across artists and designers that are genuine in their love of their process and their work.  Lori Danelle’s paper cut work came across my screen not too long ago and I was immediately inspired by her meticulously hand-cut designs.

Her bio on her website starts out, “I’m just me”, and from there we learn a little about her process and her inspiration.  Her design work is fun and the paper cutting lends an effervescence to the pieces.

Not one to limit herself, she also offers a selection of screen printed designs in a range of bold colors.

But perhaps the sweetest bit of all are her custom thumb-print cut outs. Offered in laser or hand cut, the thumb-prints are stunningly simple in concept, but incredibly detailed and ornate by sheer design of the human body.  And there couldn’t possibly be a more custom design to gift to someone.


You can see more of Lori’s work at her website, Lori Danelle {dot} com

All artwork and photos via loridanelle.com

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