January 27, 2011

Lovely Laundry

As an apartment dweller who relies on the local laundromat, I won't be fulfilling any romantic visions of a home laundry room like the one above any time soon. (Incidentally, I did once rent a tiny yet charming 1920s-era laundry closet in San Francisco!) But I can dream, and perhaps even incorporate a few of these elements into my décor and washing up routine… 

Iron in style: At left, a wooden ironing board from Garden Trading; if only it weren't so expensive to ship to the US! At right (and at the top of this post), Teresa Green Textile Design's ironing board cover (and clothespin bag), sold by Selvedge Drygoods. 

Store and carry: At left, a handsome utility bucket from Garden Trading. At right, the woven hamper from Brook Farm General Store is handmade in Senegal from seagrass and recycled prayer mats. 


Simple luxuries: At left, handmade wool dryer balls from Green Belle Designs. At right, Savon de Marseille sold by Brook Farm General Store; this traditional French soap is made using an 800-year old recipe. 

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