August 28, 2012

Make Your Own Upholstered Headboard for Under $100

I L-O-V-E the blogosphere for sourcing inspiration, especially when I am in a little DIY mood. I have definitely tackled some fun DIYs but on a smaller scale. An art project here, a frame there. Like Miriam, my bedroom lacked a little headboard love. When I got a king sized bed a while back, I knew that a large-scale DIY was in my future.  I had seen a few awesome upholstered headboards on various blogs and knew what I wanted to do - make my own upholstered headboard.

I set out on my project with the main goal of keeping it under $100. I found fabric at Ikea for $7/yard and purchased 2 yards. I headed over to Home Depot and bought a 8 x 4 sheet of plywood for $12. They cut my plywood for free. Not only did I get it cut to the width that I needed but I had them cut 1 foot off the board. I did this to transfer the wood in my small car. I bought 2 metal clasps for $0.79 each to attach the 1 foot length of wood back to the board when I was ready. I drew the pattern by hand. Quick tip: to make the half circle for the top part of the headboard, I tied a piece of string to my marker, placed the string in the middle of the imaginary circle, held it down with one hand and made the round half-circle with the other. Once the pattern was cut out, I brought it to a foam shop. The foam was the most expensive part, about $70. The guy at the shop offered to cut the matching pattern for me (another free score!) Once home, I glues the foam on, attached my 1 ft of wood back to the main part of the headboard with the clasps and started stapling the fabric on and – voila – it’s completed.

I can say this was a medium challenging project but totally doable, fun and affordable. I did have kind of a tough time wrapping the the fabric around the the top round part of the headboard but a tutorial on youtube helped me out. I completely enjoy my headboard. I love the look and that I made it – a very personal touch in my home. Plus my headboard looks mighty fine with my grey Flor tiles.

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