June 6, 2012

Marimekko flagship store by Studios Architecture, New York

Marimekko’s new flagship store opened in New York. The Finnish textile and clothing design company is renowned for its original prints and colors. Founded in 1951 it maintains its unique and recognizable identity. The New York store design is work of Studios, and the project was recently published in Interior Design Magazine. The interior of the space is presented as a simple white shell. It successfully provides a clean crisp backdrop, and lets the unmistakable presence of the line stand out. Details of color and pattern on the fabric, clothing, tableware and bedding, are read as a composition of art, bold and energetic in the space.

I find the space inspirational in several ways. It reinforces how we might ‘decorate’ in our own spaces. The objects of our every day lives can create the color and texture that define our homes and offices. It speaks to simple organization, and perhaps, looking at the objects of our lives in a new way. Start simply. A few bold gestures of color can give a room punch, and define the function and personality that is your own.


Images and excerpts sourced at Retail Design.

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