February 7, 2012

Michael Wolf

The photography of Michael  Wolf captures the pattern, color and repetition of large scale architecture. This series titled ‘The Architecture of Density’, is a study of elements in the built environment and their impact on our visual perception and experience. I absolutely love this series. The ability these images provide to look abstractly a facade, reduces an otherwise overwhelming and enormous presence to the pure, simple, essence of the design. Looking at one single element or detail repeated, allows a unique perspective which is difficult to isolate and view in person. Often we understand the impact of form of the whole which is most often documented, but these artful compositions speak of restraint, and the power of patterning.

What might these images inspire? Perhaps a quilt, a painting, or even a FLOR rug? Have fun with pattern and color in your environment, and be open to finding the source of inspiration for creating in unlikely places. It is there all around us. All we have to do is squint a little.

Images sourced at  www.20ltd.com

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One Response to “Michael Wolf”

  1. Jon King Says:
    February 8th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Spectacular…there are patterns all round us, I have often talked to my kids about looking around you as if you had a camera in your hand and were searching for a interesting composition, what would you see? In the wood, in the city, in the suburb, in the produce department?…