May 11, 2012

Moby’s Architecture


Did you know Moby, the talented musician, is passionate about architecture? Not the well known icons of L.A., but as one might expect it is the off the beaten track fare that catches his attention. Moby is telling stories, through his chosen medium of photography, about his vision and connection to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The creative spirit finds expression in a multitude of ways. I appreciate the opportunity to selectively see the world through Moby’s eyes.

Moby has an architecture blog titled Take a peek. The style is conversational. A stream of consciousness. Providing commentary on the buildings, and the culture that surrounds them. For me, it reinforces the fact that our environments are powerful things. We all are impacted by the spaces we inhabit, and cities and towns in which we spend our days. The viewfinder of the camera provides a focused lens on what lies in front of us, both physical and cultural. Moby’s images remind me to stop. look. and soak it all in. every day.

Story and image sourced at The L.A. Times.


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